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T +61 7 4099 0600


56 Macrossan Street, Port Douglas, QLD, 4877

General Information

Welcome to Coconut Grove Port Douglas. We hope your stay with us will be enjoyable and memorable. Please do not hesitate to contact reception with any request, query or information needed. We will always endeavour to assist you and make your visit with us as comfortable as possible, because you, our guest, are our main priority.

Our reception is open daily from 8:30am - 5pm, with adjusted hours on Sunday and public holidays from 9am - 3pm. For urgent assistance outside of regular office hours, please contact our reception and your call will be redirected to the after-hours service. In case of emergencies, please dial 000.

Checkout time is 10.00am. Late checkouts may be available, but please call reception the day prior to your departure to see if your room is available. A late check out fee may apply.

Pool hours are from 7.00am until 9.00pm. Please be aware that all children must be under adult supervision whilst in the pool enclosure. The pool regulations are located on the wall at the entrance of the pool area. Should you require additional pool towels, please see reception.

An extensive range of tours and excursions for Port Douglas and the surrounding area can be booked at reception. Please note there is no booking fee for this service.

Your apartment is fully self contained and will receive a mid-stay service every six days. Should your stay be less than six days, you will not receive a service. A service is available at a fee and can be arranged at reception. A complimentary towel exchange service is available daily.

A small quantity of room supplies is provided complimentary to assist you when you first arrive. Should you require further supplies, these can be purchased either from reception or Night Owl across the road or Coles Supermarket on Macrossan St.

Your apartment key will allow you to gain access to both apartment entry doors, the side gates to the external stairs, the automated glass doors down in the lobby and to the carpark access door. Please note the automated glass doors are locked once reception is closed. Please ensure you have your room key with you when going out.

Please enjoy your stay with us. If we can be of any further assistance contact our reception staff by dialling 9.


Important Information

The fire detection systems in the apartments are set to Queensland fire regulations. Smoke resulting from burning toast or other food will set off the resorts fire alarms. When cooking please ensure smoke is kept to a minimum. It is compulsory that the range hood is turned on when using the stove. When using the BBQ please keep balcony doors closed to minimise smoke entering the room. Any activation of alarms will result in a fee from Queensland Fire and Rescue Service.

***There is a small panel with a black push button in the hallway under the telephone. Please press this within 45 seconds of the smoke alarm going off to cancel any alarm being raised to the fire department. DO THIS ONLY IF IT IS NOT A FIRE EMERGENCY!

Safety & Security


Due to our location in the middle of the Tropical Far North, Port Douglas is subjected to potential cyclones.

In order to provide due care for our staff and guests, we have evacuation procedure in place in the event of a cyclone.

Should a cyclone watch be declared, both the management and staff will maintain communication with you to ensure your safety. Please follow their instruction at all times.

Emergency Alarm

In case of fire, medical or other emergency, please note the following procedures:

Fire Safety

To assist management in the event of a fire we would greatly appreciate if you could take the time to familiarise yourself with the fire safety procedures. In the unlikely event that there is an emergency, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • If you notice fire, please remain calm
  • Please raise the alarm and notify reception
  • If possible try to extinguish the fire without placing yourself in any danger.

Should a fire alarm sound please proceed to the assembly area calmly at which time further instruction will be given.


Night Owl is located directly across the road beside Zinc restaurant and is open from 6:30am until 1am. Coles supermarket is located on Macrossan Street in Port Village.

Marine Stingers

Although stingers are sporadic, we have a duty to warn you that there may be marine stinger (jelly fish) in the waters surrounding Port Douglas generally from October until May.

Sun Protection

The Tropical North Queensland sun can be extremely intense, even on cloudy days. We advise you to apply protective sun cream and a hat when outdoors.


Traveller Accommodation Providers (Liability) Act 2001

The Traveller Accommodation Providers (Liability) Act 2001 changes the common law about innkeeper’s liability.

Under the Act, an accommodation provider may be liable to make good any loss of a guest’s property in certain circumstances even though the loss is not caused by the fault of the accommodation provider, or the provider’s agent.

The strict liability of the accommodation provider under the Act—

  • applies only to a guest of the accommodation provider on a day when an accommodation unit is provided for the use
    of the guest
  • is limited to $250 for each accommodation unit provided for the use of the guest on the day, unless the guest’s property was placed in safe custody facilities
  • does not cover motor vehicles and things owned by the guest left in or on motor vehicles.

Note: Words appearing bold have a special meaning under the Traveller Accommodation Providers (Liability) Act 2001.

Supplied by: Hotel Motel & Accommodation Association Phone: 07 3831 8628